Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tag #1

Okay, Pam at tagged me (just be careful where you stick the pins), so I’ll play along and tell you 6 random things about myself. But the buck stops here. I don’t have 6 readers on this blog that I can tag, and I wouldn’t want to if I had. I don’t like these meme things, as far as I’m concerned they are the blog equivalent of chain letters.

  1. Many people think that because I’m a British broad over here that I must be married
    to an American. Not so. Mick is from Yorkshire, and I am from Lancashire, so the War of the Roses continues to rage in our house. Well, occasionally. ;-)
  2. I made a decision at age 13 that I would never have kids, and I never have. I also have no regrets on that score.
  3. Ah, but what about the granddaughter you ask? I have a step-daughter whom I love dearly, and five wonderful grandchildren, one girl and four boys.
  4. At age 13, I also said I would never marry, but I’m glad I didn’t stick with that decision. Although I did manage to make it through to 38 before I succumbed.
  5. When we first moved to the States it was our intention to remain here for one year. Thirteen years later, we’re still here.
  6. Other than family and friends, the thing I miss most about England is the accessibility of the rest of Europe, and all those wonderful cheap package holidays.


pamokc said...

Hi Janet! Thanks for taking part! I never feel obligated to do the meme things and wouldn't want anyone else to, either! They are a little chain-lettery, but I like reading about people.

Also, thanks for your comments about Carolyn Wall. I am so jazzed for her. She is truly a wonderful person and deserves wonderful things. I used to subscribe to Byline Magazine also, but let it go when I quit taking her classes. A friend at work is married to her son, and I used to be around them quite a bit more than I am now.

My husband, as you might know, is a Brit, and has a similar story to yours .... he came here to the U.S. for three months and now, 20 years later, he is still here. I don't know how you ended up at Grand Lake from California, but welcome! BTW, Yorkshire is just about my favorite place in England.

BritGal' Sarah said...

Ditto on #'s 2 & 6, I hope the stepkids will do the same for me with grandkids.

Jan I feel the same about meme's which is why I did my two and said ok people enough for now thank you! But I have to admit you do learn more about others by them.

Jan said...

You're welcome, Pam.

I was thrilled to hear about Carolyn. I guess they'll now call her an overnight success, even though she's been writing for years.:-)

I love Yorkshire, almost as much as Lancashire, York is one of my favorite cities.

BTW, when I read your post about the Soreen I wished I had added that to my favorite snacks.

Sarah, you're right, you do get to know more about people through these meme things. I guess I just didn't think that anyone would want to know more about me. :-)

Daffodilly said...

Oh yummy now I am craving Lancashire cheese & Branston!

pamokc said...

well, Walkers Crisps are a favorite around here too. The malt loaf is one of MY faves, I don't think the husband is all that crazy about it. But get him near an English shop and he buys all sorts of things he wouldn't normally, just because it is available!

About Carolyn, yes I can't wait to read her book. The update was that it has been sold in a couple more countries. Also can't wait to hear more news on it all!

Janet said...

Hi Daffodilly, Lancashire cheese is just the best, but I guess we're a tad biased.

Pam, Thanks for the update on Carolyn, I too look forward to reading her book.

Raquel said...

Never had Lancashire cheese, there are no British shops hereabouts! I said at 13 that I would never have kids, but I would not trade DS for the world. (well, maybe somedays) But I do enjoy it much more now that he is grown. Hope you have not gotten drownded down there, we are very soggy here! Much love, Raquel