Saturday, May 10, 2008

Amazing News!

The Brits have claimed this little piece of Oklahoma

This morning, I received an e-mail from the editor of The Report, a magazine that goes out to members of the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation Inc. He wanted to know how I felt about winning a 1st place in the OWFI annual writing contest. Well, I didn’t even know I’d won, did I? Also there are about 30 different categories, and I’d entered 8 of them, so, which one had won? The winners are only announced at the OWFI writer’s conference, and I hadn’t gone this year, and nor had anyone else from my writer’s group.
Naturally, I was absolutely delighted to know I’d won something, but I was dying to know which category it was. So, I e-mailed him. When he hadn’t replied after ten minutes, I e-mailed the Prez of OWFI, begging her to put me out of my misery. She e-mailed me right back, thank god! I won the non-fiction book category. Yippee!!! :-0
Funnily enough, I had just finished putting together a non-fiction book proposal to send out to publishers. Is this win a good omen, or what? I haven’t stopped grinning since I found out. Needless to say, there will be mucho celebrating at our house tonight, (in between dodging tornadoes. Yes, we have yet another warning in effect).
Cheers, make mine a large one.
P.S. Sorry about this format but blogger is refusing to leave any gaps between my paragraphs. Bloody thing!


BritGal' Sarah said...

Congratulations Jan, that's fantastic! I had my flag flying just like yours today :-)

I just sent you're an email to make sure you're ok after watching the news. You have had a very close shave we are guessing!? said...

Hi Jan, Hi Mick,
Hope you 2 are safe. Getting worried,
when I saw the news! Has it been raining cats and dogs? I sure do miss
a good thunderstorm. My e-mail address is
I'm very excited for you, with your
writing career, its' taken off nicely. Dodging tornados, not good, please let me know your okay.
Good Night, Vicky said...

Hi again,
Look forward to reading on Grand Lake
Ink! Let me know, all is safe, okay.
Bye now, Vicky

Janet Brett said...

Sarah & Vicky

Thank you both for your concern. Things got very scary around here last night, but me, Mick and the cats are all okay.

pamokc said...

congrats on the writing awards! very cool - do you ever post links to the articles so we can have a read?