Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This land turtle is a little shy

This week I have visited several blogs belonging to British ex-pats, many of whom bemoan the fact that you can’t get a decent curry in the US for love nor money. That’s because most Americans seem to have an aversion to spicy food. Their idea of spicy food is having chipotle sauce on their cardboard burgers.

In California, where I used to live, we had a great Indian restaurant, their food was excellent, but if you wanted a spicy curry you had to ask for it, and they would happily oblige. (Even their vindaloo was tame).

Now I live out in the back of beyond, I have about as much chance of finding an Indian restaurant as I have of winning the lottery, and I don’t do the lottery. So, the only way to get a decent curry is to make one, now this one is pretty good if I do say so myself. For the recipe visit my cooking blog at:

Also all this talk of curries got me thinking about balti. Baltis were becoming very popular around the time I left England, and I loved them. So this weekend, provided it’s not 90°F outside, I’ll make one, and some naan bread. I’ll let you know how I get on.


BritGal' Sarah said...

Oh Janet I miss Indian food, but like you I cook my own and actually it's better generally! I have 2 excellent recipe books, the only downside is OMG it takes forever to prepare any kind of decent dinner. I will in desperation hit an OKC Indian occasionally, but I do have to be desperate.

BTW we hit 94 here in the NW corner today and windy as hell!

Loved your caption!

Janet Brett said...

Sarah, if you have a favourite curry recipe, e-mail it to me and I'll give it a try. Though it may be fall/winter before I do. :-)

It's hotting up here too, but thankfully only 78/80 and as windy as my old grandad. Don't you just hate Okie summers? Even though this is my 4th year in OK I don't think I'll ever get used to the heat and humidity.

Glad you liked the caption.

Daffodilly said...

Oh for a decent curry! I have been known to drive for 75 mins each way to our nearest curry house for a decent samosa! Well worth it!

pamokc said...

hi janet, i stumbled on your blog via britgal sarah. i have a british husband and he has taken to making his own curries too. but generally the sauce comes from a jar (can't think of the brand name), but he is experimenting on his own. so if ya'll have chicken tikka masala recipes, pass them along! (which i do believe is the national dish of Britain, is it not?)

Janet Brett said...

Samosas, yum. Now you have got me thinking, I must have a go at making some.

When I lived in Northern California, there used to be an Indian woman at the farmer's market who sold fantastic samosas. Me and the hubby used to go and buy her out of them every week. She made great homemade chutneys,too.

Janet Brett said...

You are quite right, chicken tikka masala has ousted fish and chips as our national dish.

I do have a recipe for tikka masala, if you e-mail me,(the address is on this blog) I'll send it to you.

The only trouble with trying to make curries here in the back of beyond, is getting hold of the ingredients. Wally-Mart (the only show in town) doesn't cater much for British tastes.

Where is your hubby from in the UK, if you don't mind me asking?

AliBlahBlah said...

Santa Barbara fortunately has about four different curry houses (hooray for me), not the four per high street I'm used to at home, but it's a start. Rubbish poppadoms though which is a shame.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I enjoyed reading your profile, congrats with the writing career - very inspirational! I too started blogging as an attempt to 'hone' ha ha my writing career - particularly as my old next door neighbour now earns her living blogging, something I would LOVE to do.

Janet Brett said...

Thanks Ali. I wish I could say I earned my living writing, but hubby won't be giving up the day job any time soon. :-(