Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sweeney Todd 2

Pam’s comment on Sweeney Todd made me realize that I didn’t say anything about the actual plot.

Without giving too much away. Sweeney Todd is happily married to a beautiful woman, and they have a little girl. An evil judge, played by Alan Rickman, has designs on Todd’s wife, and trumps up a charge against him, the result being Todd is transported to Australia for 15 years. When he gets back to England, he finds out his wife is dead and he vows to get his revenge on the judge.

Todd returns to his old lodgings in Fleet Street, above Mrs. Lovett’s (Bonham Carter) pie shop. Here he works his revenge, and in the process provides Mrs. Lovett with meat for her pies.

There is also a sub plot in which a young man Todd meets on his return trip from Australia, falls in love with Todd’s daughter, who is now the judge’s ward.

And there is a very neat twist in the tail at the end.


Mick said...

Er, I hope we're not on pie for dinner tonight?

pamokc said...

Thanks for the description! That makes it seem like more of a story than just gore for the sake of gore! Will try to catch it soon!

Sinfonian said...

Good musical, never read the book. Doubt I need to watch the movie. Glad you liked it!