Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Garden last Summer - No Lake

Garden on March 18, 2008 with lake

No Lake

Lake - No Rain, Huh!

Water, Water Everywhere

A series of storms passed through the Midwest on Monday and Tuesday of this week, bringing torrential rain. It started raining here on Monday evening and stopped sometime last night. Reports vary according to the amounts, but something between 7-10 inches of rain fell in Northeast Oklahoma.

And, as per usual, poor old Oklahoma gets nary a mention in the news reports. Apparently the storms managed to pass us by and dropped the whole lot on Missouri and Arkansas. The weather report on Monday night put Northeast Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas as the areas set to get the highest amounts of rain. It would seem that the lake that formed in my garden yesterday was a bloody mirage. The cats needed water wings just to go out for a tiddle, and I had to don sou’wester and hubby’s thigh length fishing wellies just to take the pics. Oh hum.

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