Sunday, February 8, 2009

Teething Troubles 2 and a Meme

Ernest Shackleton's ship, Endurance,
trapped in the ice pack.
(Photo by Frank Hurley - 1915)

I’m sorry to read in the comments that several of you are also have teething troubles, you have my complete sympathy. I have to go back to the periodontist on Tuesday to have my bite corrected. This will mean 3 hours in the chair having my teeth ground into alignment, followed by a hefty bill. I can hardly wait. :-(

A while ago, Gill, at challenged me to come up with 10 things I love beginning with the letter "A," so here we go, and in no particular order:

  1. ANTARCTICA, I have a fascination with the place, and love reading about the early exploration of this icy continent by such men as Shackleton, Scott, and Amundson.
  2. APPLE CRUMBLE, it’s one of my favorite puddings (desserts), especially when smothered in custard.
  3. ANIMALS, especially my three cats. And I love elephants, even though I don’t have one around the place. We have a big yard, but not that big! But I was lucky enough to see elephants in the wild, on a trip to Kenya many moons ago.
  4. ALPHABET, I love words, but then they are my stock and trade. I’m one of those people who picks up the dictionary to check a spelling or a definition and gets distracted by other words.
  5. ARIZONA, I love the Grand Canyon, and have seen it twice. My step-daughter got married there.
  6. ANNIE PROULX, I love all her books, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be "That Old Ace in the Hole."
  7. AFTERNOONS, I’m not a morning person, even though I get up early most days.
  8. ALCOHOL, especially wine, and particularly cabernet sauvignon.
  9. THE ADRIATIC SEA, I love the Greek Islands, and the sea that surrounds them is so beautiful and clear.
  10. AMAZON, because I love books and reading.

I’ve changed the rules a bit as not everyone wants to play along with these meme games.

  1. If you would like me to assign you a letter, let me know in your comment on this blog.
  2. Write about ten things you love that begin with said letter.
  3. Post the list on your blog, and invite your readers to play along.

Toodle pip for now.

Endurance, crushed by the ice pack.

Photo by Frank Hurley - 1915


pamokc said...

Hi Janet! Great post! Assign me a letter, I'll play along! **sigh** on the next trip to the dentist -- my chipped tooth has turned into a process too -- it is now turning into a crown. I'm royalty! NOT. Those photos are amazing and I'm with you about the dictionary.

kmwthay said...

Janet -
I would love to play along!

pamokc said...

I'm working on my "M" post ... harder to do than originally thought!! Will let you know when I get it up and running.

pamokc said...

My list is "UP"!!!