Friday, August 15, 2008


I did get my driver’s license sorted out last week. It wasn’t too painful, I only had to wait about an hour before getting "processed," and I had a book with me so that passed the time along. The only painful part was there were no loos (restrooms) at the place, and I’d had two cups of tea before leaving home. I was just about ready to burst by the time I got back. %-(
Oh, and the other painful part, my photo, it’s quite gruesome, I just hope no one asks me for ID in the next four years!

The book I was reading and have since finished was Tess Gerritsen’s, The Bone Garden, and I confess I was a tad disappointed with it. Part of the book is set in "present day" and part in the 1830’s. The historical mystery was engrossing, but I found myself getting annoyed when it switched back to modern day. The present day aspects of the novel were just a ploy to introduce the historical, and IMHO, could have been omitted altogether and the novel would have been better for it. The ending was also a bit naff, (English slang term, used in a variety of ways, but in this case means cheesy, or clichéd). If you’re a fan of Gerritsen’s (as I am) you’ll read it, and for the most part enjoy it. But if you haven’t read her books before, I wouldn’t start with this one.

After doing some final revisions to my piece on the Black Death, and adding some discussion topics and activities for the kiddywinks, that was sorted and sent in on Monday. Whenever I write an article ― time permitting ― I like to leave it alone for several days before I do the final edit, that way I approach it with fresh eyes and am more likely to spot my mistakes.

Yesterday, I read it to my writer’s group, Grand Lake Wordsmiths Unlimited, and they all liked it. One of the members is a retired teacher and she really praised it, I only hope the editors like it as much. But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s a real hit and miss affair this writing lark.

In the meantime, I’m still working on "the bloody thing," which lately has been a bit like pulling teeth. This is a bit of a dumb expression, do dentists find it hard work pulling teeth? I do wonder sometimes if this book will ever be sorted. I also have a short story running around in my head that I know is going to demand to be written soon.

Anyway, I must dash, there’s dinner to be sorted.

Toodle pip.


Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Glad you got the license sorted Jan but sympathy on the loo, I hate being caught short like that!

Any chance you will have a link to your "Black Death" piece, I would love to read it. Have a good weekend, hope you are also getting cooler weather across the state?

pamokc said...

I would also love to read your Black Death piece! I've been very intrigued with the whole history of it since learning near to where my sister-in-law lives was a dumping ground for the bodies (Blackheath/SE London). Glad you have the license now and can appreciate the photo worries. My last one was totally horrible, this time around not so bad.

Gill - That British Woman said...

I was hoping also to read you piece on the Black Death.........interesting subject. Are you writing this for the American market or the British market?

Should introduce myself though, I am originally from Cumbria, so just a bit further north than you, and live in Canada, again a bit further north than you.

You have a super blog.

Not sure if you know about this site but has a lot of cheap books on that site if you read a lot of books. I do, so am always ordering from them. I ordered $500 worth of books last week from them, paying under $45 for them all and that includes shipping.

Gill from Canada, but originally from Britain.

Gill - That British Woman said...

oh and should say I too look like an escaped convict on my drivers license!!


Raquel said...

Jan, glad you got the license sorted! I think you are a brilliant writer! Much love - Raquel XO

Janet said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for the interest, but I won't know for about 4-6 weeks whether or not the magazine will publish it. Also they don't publish their articles on-line so I can't give a link in this case. I will have to do a post explaining writer's rights sometime.

Yes, the weather has been blessedly cooler for the past 10 days or so, very unusual for August. I hope you had a good weekend.

Pam, thanks, but ditto what I said to Sarah. If the magazine doesn't publish it for whatever reason, I'll post the article on here.

Also, as far as I know, there is no historical evidence that Blackheath was a burial pit for plague victims, but I suppose it's not impossible. The heath's name derives from the fact that it's soil and vegetation are darker than the surrounding area.

I'm glad you got a better license photo this time.

Hi Gill, and welcome, I always like new readers. Sorry, I'm unable to post about my article at this time. If you read my comments to Sarah and Pam you will see why.
BTW, this article was for an American magazine.

I didn't know about this book site, so thanks for the tip.

I will drop by your blog and say hello.

Raquel, thank you. You are too kind, I only wish it was true, but I'm touched that you think so. Love and hugs.

Denise said...

Hello Janet, another Brit in the US here and found you at Gill's blog. The world of blogging is wonderful. You never know who you are going to meet. I came to the US from Devonshire, lived in the Midlands until I was 15 and moved to the States when I was 25. Been in the US for 32 years. My goodness, how time flies. My driver's license picture looks like it ought to have a long line of numbers underneath. I refuse to look at it. Love your posts and you have a lovely flow to your writing. All the best.