Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just one of those weeks

My oven door shattered, and my computer was ill.

I had just got this blog up and running when my computer decided to have a nervous breakdown ― the upshot was she had to spend 5 days in hospital. To make matters worse, that was the very week I had to come up with story ideas for Oklahoma Living Magazine’s 2008 editorial calendar. Anyway, I just scraped in by the skin of my teeth, thanks to my friendly, neighborhood computer psychoanalyst.

But that’s only the half of it. I am presently in dispute with GE, the electric appliance people. Three weeks ago, for no apparent reason, the internal glass in my oven shattered, and neither the oven nor the hob was in use at the time. In fact, it hadn’t been in use all summer as my husband and I prefer outdoor grilling when the weather’s hot. This range is only 14 months old, and of course, the warranty had run out 2 months previously.

I spoke to a customer service rep. who offered a replacement part, but was quick to point out that the expense of installation was my responsibility. Not good enough! As far as I’m concerned this is a major defect on a relatively new appliance.

I wrote to the company’s Customer Relations Manager, who obviously wants to have no relations with his customers, as two weeks later I still haven’t received a response. I am now trying another avenue of complaint; I will let you know how I get on.


Anonymous said...

I had a similar incident happen this evening when the outer glass of my GE Profile stove shattered after I bumped it lightly with a dish. The glass flew everywhere. I intend to call GE first thing in the morning. I hope I have better luck dealing with them. After searching on line it is apparent we are not alone.

Janet said...

Don't mess around with customer service, they are anything but. Write directly to the CEO
Mr. James Campbell
GE Appliances
Appliance Park
Louisville, KY 40225

I went through all the usual channels but this was the only one that brought results. HTH